Why it’s important to use toothpaste and mouthwash

Published: 14th September 2010
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The daily use of toothpaste and mouthwash is for the most of us obvious. Not just to get whiter teeth, but also to prevent the occurrence of dental caries and plaque. To brush our teeth with toothpaste and then rinse with mouthwash is something that we in this part of the world have been doing for a long time. This has in turn led to us, thanks to toothpaste and mouthwash, whiter teeth which are also healthy. 

To regularly brush your teeth with toothpaste and then rinse with mouthwash is something very important. As a rule, you should repeat this at least twice a day, morning and evening. To regularly, twice a day, rinse the mouth in mouthwash and brush with toothpaste prevents dental caries, plaque and tartar. In addition to these factors, regular brushing and rinsing in mouthwash provides whiter teeth. Whiter teeth, in turn, a more beautiful smile. Beautiful smile with whiter teeth gives better impression. In simpler words, one might say that regular brushing with toothpaste and mouthwash provides a better life. 

How to use mouthwash

To gargle the teeth in mouthwash on daily basis provides an effective protection and provides whiter teeth. Using mouthwash is very simple and takes no longer than a couple of minutes. Mouthwash helps to dissolve plaque and deposits on the teeth. In addition mouthwash can penetrate between the teeths, into places where the toothbrush has difficulties to reach with toothpaste. Essentially there are two ways to use mouthwash. One method is to rinse before brushing with toothpaste. The second one is then to use mouthwash after brushing. These two methods are used depending on what you want to achieve. To get the maximum fluoride protection all while reducing the risk of tooth decay, you should rinse your mouth before brushing with toothpaste. After rinsing with mouthwash, do not rinse with water, even after brushing. If you are only looking to get a fresh mouth and a good breath, you can rinse your mouth after brushing with toothpaste. No matter how you choose to use mouthwash, it will end up with you having a fresh breath and whiter teeth.

Why you should brush your teeth with toothpaste

The fundamental purpose of brushing the teeth with toothpaste is to remove plaque. Plaque can be described as a thin and colorless coating of bacteria that builds up on your teeth. If you do not brush your teeth with toothpaste it can lead to tooth decay or gingivitis. If the plaque that builds up then becomes mineralized, you get calculus. 

Generally it is recommended that you brush your teeth with toothpaste twice a day. When you du, use a soft toothbrush, to ensure that you do not damage the gum. To access between teeth, dentists recommend the use of dental floss, dental sticks or interval brushes.

To brush your teeth and rinse in mouthwash gives whiter teeth. If you take care of your living room table by continually washing it, you get a shiny surface. The same applies to your teeth.

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