What medication to take in a sinus infection case?

Published: 13th May 2007
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When you are dealing with a sinus infection, there are a few steps to take in order to heal the sinus infection. Your immune system is actually equipped to deal with a lots of disease, but when it comes to a sinus infection, things get a little more complicated. Your sinuses are overwhelmed with bacteria, viruses and probably allergens, so there is the need for medication in order to deal with a sinus infection. What one has to do if suffering from a sinus infection is: to reduce the obstruction of his/ her airways and thus relive the sinus infection symptoms. Another important step is to eliminate the infection, thus reducing the risk of developing a chronic sinus infection, use some remedies made at home for drainage, which is very important in a sinus infection case and last but not least make sure his/ her sinuses stay open, thus trying to control the acute sinus infection.

The first thing to treat in case of a sinus infection is the obstruction of your airways. This treatment will also help you alleviate some of the sinus infection symptoms. Decongestants are the drugs used in this first step of treating a sinus infection. Nasal sprays are probably the best, because they give results in less than four minutes. However, this particular spray used to treat a sinus infection should not be used more than three days in a row, because it looses it efectiveness. be very careful how you use this drug, because there is always the risk of becoming dependent. The best way in this first step of treating a sinus infection is to alternate the nasal spray with nostrils. Other decongestants used to treat a sinus infection come in a liquid form or tablets. This type of medicine are more slower and they show their effect about half an hour after being taken. When talking about these decongestants to treat a sinus infection, the price is one of the most important factors, because there is a great
variety of drugs available. However, be very careful when using these drugs to treat a sinus infection, because they both have side effects.

To eliminate the infection when suffering from a sinus infection is crucial. Bacteria must be killed and thus prevent the risk of developing a chronic sinus infection. For the acte form of sinus infection, the most used drug is penicillin. If the sinus infection patient is allergic to penicillin, then there are also other antibiotics that can be taken to treat the sinus infection. For people that suffer from chronic sinus infection, there are stronger antibiotics. Antihistamines should also be taken in a sinus infection case. These drugs can reduce the swelling.

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