What is Premium Billing?

Published: 09th October 2009
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Premium billing, also known as mobile terminated billing or MT billing for short, is when a text message is paid for upon arrival via a prepaid account for a specific handset or a mobile phone account. MT billing must be done in a reliable and secure manner because of the existing nuances within billing platforms. This can only be achieved by few networks, since it requires a good infrastructure and a fair amount of experience. Network companies that offer Premium billing have usually participated in pilot implementations in different countries, which have allowed them to successfully learn to operate MT and MO billing.

The Premium billing technology is mainly used for services like membership or club services, daily, weekly or monthly services and once off payment services. The MT billing system differs from a network company to another. Therefore, in order to choose the best premium billing service, you should look for three important aspects. First of all, easy interconnection between the service provider and the client, for billing and delivery purposes. Second of all, a fully transactional MT system for billing and delivery and, last but not least, a secure and reliable delivery.

In order for the premium billing technology to be successfully implemented, there are some client requirements. It is very important that the client has a good understanding of the Premium Billing technology and the team working to implement Premium Billing has all the necessary technical skills. Moreover, if the customers are form South Africa, then they must register as affiliated WASPA member and have an available call center number.

Another service that most network companies offer, besides Premium Billing, is Premium SMS. As you must surely know, the short message service, SMS, is one of the most used services in the world. Via text messaging, people communicate, businesses market their products and services, and campaigns or fund raisers are held.

Some of the most important Premium SMS implementations are the SMS voting system, SMS chat or SMS alerts. The polling mechanism or interactive voting through text messaging is very popular amongst TV or radio shows. For the SMS voting system to work properly, it is necessary that the mobile partner has the capacity to process numerous text messages in the shortest period of time. Furthermore, no loss of data must occur. If these conditions are met, Premium SMS can fully reach its purpose.

SMS alerts are also another feature of Premium SMS. They are usually used to broadcast information like fun club information, important news, sports results or club alerts. These types of alerts are also often used by technology service providers that monitor applications or services that most immediately notify personnel when certain problems occur.

Whenever you wish to use premium billing services or premium SMS, you have to make sure that the company is one of the leading connectivity providers in the world and that it has made a name for itself in the technology industry. Reliability, customer support and security are also three aspects to keep in mind at all times when choosing a networking company.

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