Tips and tricks to being an accomplished anorexic(part one)

Published: 27th January 2007
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The most important thing to do if you want to become the best anorexic you can be is to declare war to food and everything associated with it. Don' t have any ideas, no problem, we' ll give you some. You must definitely hate the kitchen, the refrigerator, fast food' s, restaurants. You can go as far as hating the places where food is made. Wow, here's a thought, why not hate animals, even plants, for they are actually food! if you can do this, well you' re off to a good start, but this is only the beginning.

When you' re anorexic your mission is to loose weight, right? Good, if we agree on this, then take my advice and write this down. There is not a better thing to do than reaffirm what you belive in. Search the house for a blank notebook, or better yet, go out and buy one, especially for this adventure. Make this notebook your anorexic diary, your friend, pal, who listens and helps you achieve your goals. Begin by writing why you are so obsessed with the way you look and why you want to loose weight. Be careful not to forget to write everything that you are experiencing during this period. For example, write how you think you' ll fell after you will have lost 15 kg and how admired you' d be or what great clothes you' ll be able to wear then. If your goal is to loose these 15 kg, a good thing would be to devide this weight into smaller pieces and give yourself a prize for every new barrier you cross.

Things are starting to get a little more complicated, but do not worry, we' ll get through this together. First we must make food be the number one enemy in your live. Food must be associated with disgusting things. If you can draw pictures of some foods that you can easily associate with something nasty and place them all around the house as a constant reminder.

Pictures have their one way of expressing themselves and can give you even more detail than your mind can. So start putting as many pictures of fat, ugly girls on the walls. Better yet, put pictures of you, for there is no difference. And next to these grotesque photos put some of the most sexy and beautiful pictures of iamy women.

Another thing to help you get to being the best anorexic is to say over and over again that you are fat. Deep down inside of you, you know that! Say it: I' m fat!!!

Wanna know more, well do not worry, I'll tell you, but in part two.

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