Tips and tricks to being a better anorexic(part three)

Published: 27th January 2007
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Now here are some more important tricks that will teach you how to eat and not put on any weight at all. You must be active all day long and not let your body rest for one second. Do not eat many calories at once, but divide them for each meal. It is better to eat four times a day less calories then all those calories at once at one meal.

To better fool your body, change each day the amount of calories that you eat. For example, eat 300 calories on Monday, 200 on Tuesday, 500 on Wednesday, 50 on Thursday, no calories on Friday and so on. this change is very good for you.

Sleeping is also very beneficial. Yes, it is true that you burn more calories if you stay up late, but if you do not sleep enough, your metabolism will be sleepy, leading to an increase in apetite. So, would you like to eat more just because you did not sleep. That is out of the question!

Make sure you note everything you eat in your notebook. Remember, this is your friend that will help you go where you want to go. Writing everything down will also save you from eating more calories than necessary. Another benefit in writing everything that has to do with anorexia is helping you identify environmental or emotional triggers. You can see better if you are sad or bored, even depressed. And as we have learned before, this is a good thing, remember? This will make you eat less.

Also drink sodas, because they give you a full stomach feeling, therefor you won' t need to eat. Diet coke is one of the best, for it only has one calorie per glass.

But not only soda is good for you. water is as well. Drink as much water as you can. Drink more than a fish does. If you feel you need to eat something, better go get a glass of water. Water will give you a felling of fullness in your stomach. Ice water is even better, because the body will have to burn more calories then to heat up. Also drink it when you eat, so you won' t be fooled into eating too much.

Brushing your teeth fequently, as well as your tounge is another trick. The refreshing feeling you get after words will stop you from craving any food. And more, we all know that food has a funny taste combined with toothpaste, so why eat?

Like these tricks, we have more. Read the fourth part for even better ones.

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