Time Goes By, Swatch Still Stands

Published: 26th July 2007
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Swatch Group Ltd. is the merge between two well known Swiss companies, SSIH and ASUAG. This partnership came to life in the year 1983 and was meant to redeem Switzerland' s name as the best watches producers in the world.

The competition was tight and the Japanese took over the watch industry leaving Swiss watches behind. This crisis that took place in the 1970s was soon to be over when SMH watch company manufactured "Delirium " in the year 1979 and thus started the reborn of Swiss watches. Exactly four years later Swatch watches came to life and ever since they have been know as the best watch manufacturers in the world.

To upturn the fortune of Swiss watches companies, Swatch watches had to revolutionize the industry and present a bran new product that was not available at the time. This is exactly what Swatch did and this was marked in history as the first step of the most renowned watch company in the world. At that time, good quality watches were not affordable to everyone. Swatch watches started their marketing strategy from this point and started manufacturing high quality, affordable watches. In the year 1983, a slim watch, of the highest quality, that had only 51 components and could be afforded by anyone was launched on the market.

At a time when all watches numbered at least ninety components and had relatively high prices, Swatch watches presented a new product that was not only affordable, but was also made at the highest standards. The strategy that Swatch watches followed was a success, as this company is known for selling more than two hundred million watches since their birth in the year 1983.

The variety of materials and components used in manufacturing a Swatch as well as the numerous designs that Swatch watches have made this watch company the best selling watch company in the world. Swatch watches started out with small plastic watches that had different shapes and were colored brightly. These watches opened the door for Swatch. From that point on, Swatch watches expanded into different fields. The thinnest chronograph in the world was a Swatch, the watch that also played the role of a ski pass at numerous resorts was a Swatch, the watch that features Internet time was a Swatch and the examples could go on.

Swatch watches were and are desired by people and appreciated by connoisseurs. From sport to classic, from metal to plastic, Swatch watches fit the wrist of every boy or girl, men or woman in this world. Moreover, as proof of the supremacy that Swatch enjoys comes the title of Official Timekeeper for the Olympic Games as well as for the World Cup competitions of Snowboarding and Sky.

From " birth", the Swatch Group Ltd. took its rightful place as leader of watch manufacturing companies and even now, twenty- four years later it is still the leader in high quality, affordable watches. The strategy that this company came up with revolutionized the watch industry and something tells me that Swatch watches did not even start to show us what they are capable of.

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