The importance of using Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Published: 14th September 2010
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In this part of the world it is a part of the daily routine to brush our teeth with toothpaste and gargle the mouth with mouthwash. It is as common as washing hands after using the toilet. The purpose of brushing the teeth with toothpaste and gargle in mouthwash is to prevent plaque and caries, and to get whiter teeth. 
The secret of getting whiter teeth is to regularly brush them with toothpaste and rinse with mouthwash. Of course, some people are less likely than others to get whiter teeth, due to the discoloration of coffee and smoking, but usually it is enough to brush and rinse on regular daily basis. There are also specific types of toothpaste that are appropriate for discolored teeth. Similarly, there are specific types of mouthwash which is appropriate for the same and provides whiter teeth. Having whiter teeth is very important when whiter teeth make a beautiful smile and a beautiful smile gives better status in society. Studies show that people with whiter teeth reach greater professional success than others. 

Different ways to use Mouthwash
It is no secret that a daily use of mouthwash is a good and effective protection against bacterias, while providing whiter teeth. To use Mouthwash is no problem and the process only takes a minute or two.

The purpose of using mouthwash is to dissolve plaque and deposits on the teeth. Mouthwash is also an effective complement to brushing with toothpaste, then the mouthwash can get into places between teeth where the toothpaste can not reach. There are two ways to use mouthwash, one is to rinse before brushing teeth with toothpaste and the other is to rinse after. To get as good flouride protectionskydd as possible it is optimal to rinse with mouthwash before brushing. This provides even better protection against dental caries. After you have rinsed with mouthwash, do not rinse with water. Even after you have brushed your teeth with toothpaste, do not rinse with water. However, if you only want to get better breath, you can rinse with mouthwash after you have brushed your teeth with toothpaste.

The reason to brush your teeth with toothpaste
The main reason to brush your teeth with toothpaste is simply to remove, and prevent the formation of plaque. Plaque is a thin and colorless coating of bacterias that builds up on your teeth. To slattern with brushing the teeth with toothpaste leads to tooth decay and gingivitis. Plaque can also be mineralized, and that leads to calculus. Calculus can lead to both tooth loss and terrible pain.

Dentists recommend that you should brush your teeth in the morning, when your mouth is full of bacterias that occurred during the night. The best way to go is to brush with toothpaste after eating breakfast. It also recommended that you brush your teeth at night before going to bed. This is to remove all of the bacterias that occurred in the day after eating lunch, dinner and evening supper. Also to remove all bacterias that in some ways have been inserted into the mouth. It never hurts to brush your teets more times per day. The best way is to repeat this procdedure with toothpaste and mouthwash after every meal. Important to remember is to use a soft toothbrush to avoid damaging the gum. For even easier access between the teeth, dentists all over the world also recommend that you use dental floss, dental sticks or interval brushes.

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