The Importance of Understanding Customer Requirements for Web Designers

Published: 05th February 2010
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As web designers we are constantly working towards making our clients happy, building a great reputation, and getting recommendations and more work orders. The best and basic way to achieve this goal is by understanding the expectations of our potential clients clearly and evaluating ourselves regarding their expectations honestly.

We evaluate our work in relation to time, budget, skills, and so on. The sooner these things are made clear to a client, the less likely it is that the project will become bogged down with extra deliverables and go over time and budget. Before web designers undertake designing of their client's websites, they should try and understand and analyze the requirements and expectations of their clients thoroughly.

It has been observed that some web development firms' projects don't get completed either because the expectations of client were unreasonable or because the designers did not clearly understand the needs of the client and were not confident about their own capabilities. Therefore miscommunication or ambiguity is the first thing that web designers should try and get out of the way.

For example, the client may be expecting Search Engine Optimization as a part of package offered by the designer but in reality Search Engine Optimization is an independent job in itself. Such basic and yet crucial things should be cleared at the outset of the project.

To avoid such situations, a web designer should ask the client questions relating to his budget, deadlines, and overall site requirements etc so that both parties are on the same track throughout the project.

A little inside knowledge about the company, it's competition and its direction is very important when setting the mood for a project. The web designer has to ensure that they follow this track and ensure that the client in loop at every stage to save time and minimize chances of confusion at later stage.

Whether you are a web designer, or are into Search Engine Optimization, or any other person in a service industry, each new client you get to work with is bound to have their own set of individual expectations of you. The expectations may be standard or varied, depending upon the industry. If you are a web designer, well your clients are going to want a great looking site that functions extremely well. If you are Search Engine Optimizer your client will expect results.

The point is that there will always be standard expectations that come with each new client. However, if they are cleared before beginning the work, it will be better for both parties. For the client to have confidence in you as a web designer or Search Engine Optimizer that you will do and deliver the job well, you have to give him confidence by letting him know what are you planning to do, why, its impact, time span and finally results. This will give both of you the comfort that you are looking for in the working relationship.

The importance of understanding customer requirements for web designers or Search Engine Optimization professional is THE most important thing along with experience, skill and a proven track record of lifelong learning and competence. With this aspect taken care of, nothing else comes in the way of your success and client's satisfaction.

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