Questionnaire symptom to find out if you have a gall bladder attack

Published: 08th March 2007
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Instead of surgical treatment you can choose an alternative one. Take this questionnaire symptom to find some.

Because of a high discomfort of the gall bladder colic people often prefer to have a surgical intervention instead of alternative treatment.

There have been discovered natural foods that can help in reducing pain and help prevent the discomfort created. Symptoms such as: chest pain in the right side, queasiness, vomiting and gas are frequently mentioned, among them tenderness below the rib cage and belching. A dull, sharp, excruciating pain not always constant in the back shoulder blade characterizes the gallbladder attack. Are you having a gall bladder attack?

If the pain is located mid-center it could be appendicitis. If the only symptom is pain then it could be problems with your stomach, liver, pancreas. The differential diagnosis could be done after your doctor is examining you.

Gallbladder attacks are caused by different factors: a stone on the biliary duct toward the small intestine.When the gall bladder is full of bile causes discomfort and the swelling of the gall-bladder. Sometimes this content may get infected and the gall bladder becomes inflamed and in this case is called cholecystitis. Eating too many of the wrong fats puts you at risk, but people who eat no fat at all are also at risk. I would assume the reason for that is that you are requiring the gallbladder to work less frequently, which could cause stasis and bile thickening. Even if it does not seem to be connected to food now, if you can remember back, some symptoms of indigestion usually followed a meal. What caused or is causing the lack of fat digestion could be of various origin. A stone could be blocking the bile flow. Constipation and weight gain can also be symptoms of gallbladder problems.

Following our gall bladder symptom questionnaire you may find out wheather your symptoms match with those of gall bladder. There you can also find products for different problems, recommended with dietary changes. It is important and useful to understand the way your biliary system works in order to achieve good results in prevention and treatment. If you don't have gallstones yet, you could develop them in the future, so do not ignore your symptoms and do not minimize the risks of developing gall bladder disease in the shortest time.

The necessary changes need to be implemented as soon as possible. Keep reading to find the recipe for a healthy life and a minimum risk of disease. The program is established with gall bladder kits that will reduce the pain and discomfort. They are supposed to improve the health of the bile and your overall digestion.

We wish you to take care of your health and stay positive!

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