Grey's Anatomy and Quotes: The Peculiar Wisdom of Meredith Grey

Published: 18th November 2006
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Grey's Anatomy is a well-written show. I think most people, even those who don't particularly enjoy the program, can agree on this. Grey's is solid because of this, because their characters speak with intelligence and cleverness. The interactions between characters seems real and genuine, not melodramatic. The weird thing is that, although Grey's isn't seemingly the most quotable show out there, the quotes kind of stick with you.

The Meredith Grey voice overs can be especially poignant, coming at the right times and summing up a moral of an episode. At its core, Grey's Anatomy is about living life and dealing with yourself and who you are as a person. Much more so than other programs, Grey's Anatomy focuses inward. Yes, the relationships are present, but the characters mostly grapple with how their relationships define themselves. Most show are focused on the superficial aspects of life and relationships. Grey's delves deep into the after math of characters decisions.

Knowing this, the quotes, especially the ones from Meredith, can become quite meaningful. The BuddyTV article has a great compilation of quotes from her about all aspects of life. Even if you think you have nothing in common with Meredith's character, check out the quotes: you're probably wrong.

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