Distressed furniture – a vintage feel

Published: 05th February 2010
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Home owners often play around with the idea of re-painting old furniture so they can give it a new look, touch up any unwanted marks or simply because it is cheaper than buying it from new. In reality paint finishes are not the only way to re-vamp a piece of furniture and give it an exciting new look. Distressing old pieces of furniture has become a modern trend changing the interior look of homes across London. After going through a lengthy process that involves eco-friendly paints and varnishes distressed furniture is beautifully crafted to give an antique look. The majority of home owners who try to distress their furniture themselves are often left disappointed with the end finish and can sometimes damage the piece when doing so. Seeking professional services is the recommended route to getting the job done well and will provide the best finished results in the quickest time.

For those who are not familiar with a distressed piece of furniture, please note it is very different from the paint finishes that are often used to re-vamp furniture today. A distressed piece of furniture gives the look and feel of an antique with signs of ageing and scratching giving it the highest authenticity. The distressing process can involve a variety of techniques that professionals have mastered in order to give the best effects.

This vintage feel can be added to any piece of modern furniture including tables, chairs, beds, desks, chest of drawers and any other solid wooden units. Solid pine units are usually the best to be distressed as they are able to stay strong for years and years and have the ability to weather to a beautiful look. Oak works very well too. Any chipboard based, flat pack unit will never really be to able to be distressed as the wood layers are too manufactured and the techniques would simply tear the unit apart. However this type of furniture would be perfect for a Gustavian paint effect which has a very fresh, clean look. The best colours suited are dove grey, duck egg and creamy whites.

Distressed furniture can be made up of a variety of styles from an antique painted look to a shabby chic feel. The overall finished style of the unit can depend on the furniture you have in your home and the new type of look you would like to create. When thinking about having a piece of furniture distressed remember that any solid unit can go through this process no matter how big or small the end results will still be some of the best you have ever seen.

I would like to talk more about the great effect shabby chic style can have on a piece of furniture and the end vintage result that is produced. Shabby chic is a style that evokes a comfortable, lived-in feeling and is characterized by slightly worn, overstuffed chairs and sofas, painted furniture, vintage accessories and whimsical accents. Shabby chic first came about by British designer Rachel Ashwell during the 80's, whose company offered fabrics, furniture and design books. Shabby chic rooms are a great way to display family hand me downs and any other second hand treasuries, all re-vamped to display your new style and preference. Simply put, shabby chic is a style that blends new and old in an inviting, personal way. The colour themes are always light pastels, which much use of white.

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