All about the ringworm symptoms and treatment

Published: 01st January 2007
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Ringworm is a common infection of the skin that can be found both at humans and animals, especially cats, which are the most common ringworm carriers.
Although its name suggests that it is caused by a worm, in fact it is caused by a fungus. This fungus grows on the skin and feeds with the dead skin and hair cells there. The areas of skin that are infected with ringworm are usually round, and they have a red color at their edges, but in their center the skin looks almost normal. The red areas are shaped like a ring and they are also swollen because the fungus irritates the skin, so the place looks like a red round worm. This is where the name ringworm comes from.

The symptoms of ringworm can be seen on the skin surface. A doctor can diagnose ringworm just by taking a look at the infected areas. In some cases a more thorough analysis needs to be made to determine the nature of the fungus, so the doctor may take a small sample of skin tissue from the places where the fungus grows.
In the beginning ringworm looks like a small pimple or mosquito bite. Then it starts to grow as the fungus begins to evolve and spread. If hair grows in the area then the infected place will lose it, so red bald patches of skin will appear. Some patients also have a yellow crust over the infection.
As ringworm progresses the areas get bigger and they begin to be shaped like a ring. The skin in those areas in always itchy and soon more red patches will appear if it is not treated.

Depending on where the symptoms appears ringworm is called ringworm of the scalp, ringworm of the groin, or athlete's foot if it appears on the feet.

The treatment for ringworm is easy, especially if the doctors discover it early.
If there are only a few places with the fungus on them then the doctor will prescribe you an antifungal cream. These ointments can be purchased without a prescription but it's best to ask the doctor before deciding to use one. The cream must be applied directly on the infected skin for as long as it takes to for ringworm to go away and some time afterwards to make sure all the fungus cells are dead.

However if ringworm has spread to too any areas then antifungal pills are required to cure it. They are usually taken once a day and they are pretty strong so the effect should be seen in a few days.

IT's easy to cure ringworm, but first you must recognize it from its symptoms and go to a doctor for an accurate diagnosis as soon as you see any signs of it. If you want to prevent it, always wash and clean yourself and avoid using items that are regularly used by many people.

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